Women, despite their uncanny ability to detect confidence in men, seem to ignore the obvious insecurity implied through social media attention whoring

Because it actually makes sense that if a man is swayed by something as arbitrary as a woman’s emotions or childish behavior, he’s unworthy of said woman

So let me get this straight.. You expect me to pay for dinner and open your door but you can’t handle marginal hourly pay rate differences? Feminism sounds a lot more like entitlement than a desire for equality


Listening to chris rock talk about the dissatisfaction of woman was borderline enlightening. When he says “Its all about her” and “Ive never seen a happy woman”, theres some deep ideas there. The harsh self-evaluating consciousness that woman experience life through isnt designed to enjoy any aspect of life. A single man is an extremely limited source of entertainment, and in the modern saga of life where matrimony is until death, a woman is going to question her actual satisfaction of life constantly. This psychological phenomenon of asking if ones decision is “right” is akin to torture and leaves one dissatisfied in even virtually perfect circumstances. As Kierkegaard said, “marry or not, youll regret it either way”. Essentially when choice is synthesized in life, regret is too. Its fascinating that we have cured innumerable diseases yet we cant overcome the most basic issues with democracy/ free will. 

The effect ideas that disney princess movies have on women is one of the most disturbing to me. Not only do expectations of reality cause dissonance, (shouts to my nigga Seneca for calling out expectations as a source of unhappiness) the human race is left less rich because the fake delusions take the place of the real wealth; the intimate bond between two people.

Its ironic we deem ourselves unique as human beings. Its clear from the science of fractals and natural selection that we are literally designed to repeat, not to be different. No wonder 95% of genetic mutations arent advantageous